Mercedes reveal sound of 2014 V6 Formula 1 turbo engine

Mercedes-Benz has released the first audio of its new V6 turbo Formula 1 engine as preparations continue ahead of its race debut next year.

The lengthy clip, which is a full dyno lap of Monza that has been synchronised with video from Mercedes’ simulator, provides the latest clue as to what the new generation of cars will sound like.

While the simulation gives the closest indication so far of the V6 turbo noise, Mercedes engine chief Andy Cowell has made it clear that it will be different when the real engines are running on track.

“Doing a recording in a test cell is quite challenging because you need to extract the exhaust fumes and extract them safely from the factory that the test cell is within,” he said.

“An awful lot of technology goes into making sure these fumes are extracted and filtered, which naturally takes some of the sound with it.

“Then, a test cell is a room with flat walls, which causes the noise to bounce around and reduces the purity of the sound. It’s an engine dyno – not a recording studio!”

While fans are intrigued about the sound of the new V6 turbos, Mercedes says its focus has been on trying to ensure its engine is as competitive as possible when the 2014 kicks off.

“We are a good way on and already heavily committed to tooling for long lead-time parts and working on iterations for installation purposes,” said Cowell.

“When it comes to development, you have to run your own race. As ever with competitive people, they fight and strive to do as much as possible, focus on the issues that still have to be solved and rarely spend too much time reflecting on the successes.”