Pastor Maldonado signs for Lotus for 2014

The Venezuelan signed a three year deal with Lotus this evening, according to our sources. The move ends months of speculation regarding the future of Lotus and Maldonado’s career. 


Quantum Motorsport was set to sponsor Lotus F1 Team, and one of their demands was to have Nico Hulkenberg part of their 2014 line-up. Quantum and Lotus couldn’t agree on the investment details, and the partnership was cancelled on Monday morning. 

The team’s management held a final meeting with Pastor Maldonado and both parties signed a contract on Monday evening. PDVSA is set to become the team’s title sponsor. Rumors are that the sponsorship package includes a $40 million investment, thus securing Lotus’s future in Formula 1, at least for the next three years. 





8 thoughts on “Pastor Maldonado signs for Lotus for 2014

  1. felicidades a pastor

  2. It sounds like a breaking news!! If that’s true!!! I have to say that I already read Maldonado’s history! he’s a tempered guy who has won in lower stages and already won a race in formula 1. Last year he showed a lot even making mistakes, but this year without any good result so far he has learnt much more. From my point of view, he must slimmer down, show off his skills, and hit with results those who say he’s a pay driver! Otherwise he will leave formula 1 next year!

  3. Maybe now, Pastor will have a better chance at getting that second win.

  4. well done a very talent driver now with lotus pastor is going to show his potential

  5. magnifico piloto campeon GP2 un potencial increible que nunca pudo demostrar en la escuderia williams no por el sino por el coche tan malo con LOTUS el va a ganar carreras de seguro

  6. Hahahahaha if they really signed that piece of shit, get ready to get lots and lots of unfinished races and crashes. Worst pilot of all time.

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