No Red Bull deal backs up Raikkonen to Ferrari move

After negotiations ended with Red Bull, Raikkonen’s move to Ferrari is now justified, according to Ilta-Sanomat. 

944374The Finnish tabloid was among the first to report that Raikkonen secured a long-term deal with Ferrari. Sources close to I.S. indicate that Steve Robertson secured a contract already in Hungary, which is why Red Bull were left with Ricciardo in the end.


Raikkonen’s move to Ferrari is now more likely because of two reasons:

1. Steve Robertson wouldn’t publicly announce that the Red Bull deal is off if they didn’t have another deal on the table or at least a contract in the making. They would lose bargaining power against other teams in that case.

2. Red Bull team adviser, Helmut Marko was asked yesterday if he was angered by reports of Raikkonen picking Ferrari over Red Bull: “I am not worried. You all forget we still have Vettel.” Therefore, he was completely aware that Raikkonen was in contact with Ferrari from the beginning.





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