More reports of Raikkonen heading to Ferrari, Alonso considering exit

TJ13, the website with inside information at Ferrari, reported this morning that Alonso is seriously considering buying out his contract and attempting to join Red Bull. Dietrich Mateschitz is supposedly keen to hire the Spaniard.

More and more shocking news reaches the media as the Belgian Grand Prix is knocking on our doors.

TheJudge13, a blog with tight sources inside Ferrari, confirmed reports that Raikkonen has indeed signed a 3-year deal with the team. The announcement is unlikely to be delayed much longer, with an official conference expected by Monza the latest:

Official report:

“The Iceman cometh again! Sources at Ferrari close to TJ13 has indicated a deal is done. Kimi Raikkonen has signed a 3 year contract with Ferrari and will return to the scarlet cars in 2014. It seems Raikkonen used the Red Bull conversations to barter a better deal with Ferrari.”

Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso is seeking to terminate his contract with Ferrari, should Raikkonen indeed join. The Finn would replace Felipe Massa, but Alonso wants to buy himself out via Santander as Red Bull are reportedly keen to employ the Spaniard, should he manage to leave the team.



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