Ferrari deny Raikkonen rumors

Ferrari have dismissed the news of offering a seat to Raikkonen for 2014, calling the report a mere “fantasy”. 

d10sin1127The Italian team’s communications boss, Renato Bisignani slammed journalists for coming up with a hoax: “This is a typical fantasy in this period of rumors. The story has no foundation. We are united in this moment of loss of competitiveness and confident in the return to better ways.”

Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport, however, claimed they have seen Raikkonen’s manager, Steve Robertson, entering the Ferrari motorhome in Hungary.

Bisignani quickly denied the story:

“For the German journalists who called us about the (Raikkonen) news: we officially deny it. For all those with short memories, only a year ago everyone came up with a list of drivers who would replace Felipe (Massa). Felipe is still here. ”

Ferrari denying the story means virtually nothing. They denied Raikkonen’s departure for months, when they already had a deal of his replacement on the table from Santander. The rumors persist, with Finnish media bombarding the internet with daily details about the potential deal.


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