Montezemolo: Drivers come and go, but Ferrari remains.

Luca di Montezemolo has explained the reasoning behind his public scolding of Fernando Alonso. The Ferrari boss also dropped a hint that his drivers’ seats are not entirely secure, mentioning that both Alonso and Massa are replaceable. This adds fuel to the fire that connects Fernando Alonso to Red Bull. 


Following the Hungarian Grand Prix the Ferrari president said he spoke to Alonso on his birthday and “tweaked his ear” over comments criticising the team. In an interview with Corriere della Sera, Montezemolo explained that he felt Alonso was putting himself above the team, something he was unhappy with.

“Fernando has given a lot in these last years and his disappointment, which came about mainly after Silverstone, where all of us expected to be more competitive, is understandable,” Montezemolo said. “But I didn’t like some attitudes, a few words, some outbursts. And I said so…I reminded everyone, including the drivers, that Ferrari comes before everything, the priority is the team.”

Montezemolo added that he understands Alonso’s frustrations but warned that “drivers come and go” at Ferrari.

“Our fans should never be forgotten, they deserve respect and therefore they are entitled to get satisfaction. We must work for Ferrari and for them. Let me make it clear that it’s Ferrari I’m interested in. Drivers, we’ve had a lot, some very good, some great, but drivers come and go, while Ferrari remains.

“Fernando is a great driver and I understand him, he is a bit like me: he wants to win. He must just remember that one wins and loses together and for its part, Ferrari must give him a car capable of starting from the front two rows…It doesn’t sit well with me seeing our car is not competitive. That’s why I intervened, even if I didn’t want to abuse my authority over my men.”


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