Welcome to Pitlane Talk!

Formula 1 is a dynamic world of politics and racing. On PitlaneTalk, I keep you updated mostly on the off-track situations, showcasing the driver market, as well as the financial, managerial, political and technical aspects of this sport. Most of my sources come from worldwide motorsport newspapers, articles, journals and other blogs. I will reference every piece of information which is not my own.

Most of the posts regarding the DRIVER MARKET must be taken with a grain of salt. These are speculations and rumors, some with credible sources, others less so. Since most of the contractual talks regarding driver and technical staff movements are held behind closed doors, it’s difficult to interpret each piece of news as the truth and nothing but. Some news will be denied by teams, and turn out to be true in the end. It’s how the politics in Formula 1 work: deny all rumors until an official announcement. The aim of this column is to gather reports from worldwide sources and bring you the latest on Formula 1’s silly season (which deals with driver market related issues). Whether you believe the rumors, it’s entirely your choice.

Regarding the FINANCIAL aspect of Formula 1, I will bring you news regarding regulations on budget constraints, financial situations at every team (though I’ll be focusing on the top 5 teams the most) and Grand Prix. Money is everything in Formula 1 – sponsorship is vital for the survival of the sport. Therefore, every piece of information we receive regarding F1 financing is crucial to the future of every Grand Prix.

The POLITICAL side will include features on the new Concorde Agreements, regulations, contracts, as well as various political pillars in every team, as long as sufficient information is available. Politics have always been part of Formula 1, Ferrari being a perfect example of that. Politics have always shaped the nature of the sport – they have lead to drivers, technical staff and team principals coming and leaving, causing a wave of changes throughout history.

Finally, the TECHNICAL element will feature various innovations each team brings to every Grand Prix. I don’t have an engineering degree, but I have a basic understanding of downforce, aerodynamics and advanced elements of a Formula 1 car. I will rely on my sources the most for this category, since it’s complicated and often the most frequent piece of news this site will publish.

Enjoy your reading!


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